Raflost Festival of Electronic Arts

22 - 27 May 2017

RAFLOST electronic art festival is an annual boost to the grass root of Icelandic electronic arts.

The main aim of the RAFLOST electronic art festival is to boost the grass root of Icelandic electronic arts by introducing the youngest generation as well as the general public, to the past, present and future of electronic arts. To present the newest in electronic art technology, creation and performance, and therefore be an inspiration for further creativity.

Schedule 2017

Monday 22nd of May – Friday 26th

  • Workshop for students of the Iceland Art Academy, IAA Visual Art Building*

Wednesday 24th of May

  • 13:00 – Troy Rogers presents his percussion robots, IAA Visual Art Building*

Thursday 25th of May

  • 20:00 – Robots/Concert, Sölvhóll Concert Hall**

Friday 26th of May

  • 13:00 – Amy Knoles, Electronic Percussion Workshop, Sölvhóll Concert Hall**
  • 17:00 – Student Workshop Performance, IAA Visual Art Building*
  • 20:00 – Amy KnolesMonika Fryčová, Sölvhóll Concert Hall**

Saturday 27th of May

* IAA Visual Art Building is at Laugarnesvegur 91


For more information about the festival please visit Raflost Festival of Elextronic Arts website.