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Hannesarholt Cultural House

Welcome to Hannesarholt - Cultural house, located in the historic home of the late Hannes Hafstein, Iceland's first Minister of State and a beloved poet.

Hannesarholt is a non-profit organisation founded by individuals hoping to create a place of nurturing and a reclaiming of cultural roots, in a fast changing society. A café is located on the first floor and facilities are rented out for meetings, courses, lectures, chamber music, concerts and other enriching gatherings on all four floors. Hannesarholt offers a glance into the formative years of Reykjavík in a 12-minute documentary and a guided walking tour through historical trails.
The house at Grundarstígur 10, built in 1915, is among the first fifteen concrete houses in Reykjavík, and represents a stepping stone between the nation living in turf houses and present-day Iceland and therefore this house is an important part of the national heritage. Every morning at 9:45 Hannesarholt offers a historic view in a 12 minute documentary on Hannes Hafstein and the formative years of Reykjavík, followed by a guided walking tour through the historic city centre and ending in an optional lunch at Hannesarholt cafe.

Each Monday at 5:00 pm, Hannesarholt provides a matinee concert of Icelandic live music in the adjacent Hljóðberg, for further information please visit our website.
Hannesarholt Café is located on the first floor of the historic home of the late Hannes Hafstein, Iceland's first Minister of State and a beloved poet. The bright and spacious chambers of this beautifully renovated house, built in 1915, offer a unique opportunity to slow down and revisit the past while enjoying delicious meals and pastry.

Reykjavík City Card holders receive a discount of 10% at this establishment. 

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